Bringing valuable experiences of more than 30 years in marketing, solution making and technical sales in field of instrumentations and industrial elements, ESUS-Technologies GmbH is offering a wide range of possibilities to German and European manufacturers to discover new markets, worldwide.
With partners and registered offices in Middle East, India, China, Africa and northern Asian countries, ESUS-Technologies GmbH is able to present and introduce industrial products in fields of instrumentations, measurement devices and systems, Hydraulics and pneumatics, rotary equipment, machinery and industrial tools, Etc., and guide the manufacturers to exhibit and distribute their products in newly discovered markets.
Recruiting a technical sales support team, ESUS – Technologies GmbH is able to provide the full sales package: from technical consulting and solution offering, to deliver and after sales support and service.
Also we are able to procure and supply a wide and flexible range of tools and primary industrial elements from all over the world to fulfill the needs of manufacturers in Germany and Europe, with highest quality and most reasonable price. There are lots of primary industrial element which is available with high qualities and very reasonable prices, manufactured in different industrial countries. Our skill is to find and deliver them!