Marine and Offshore Rope

Marine ropes are mainly used for ship mooring, towing and hoisting. The quality of marine ropes is very critical to safe navigation and berth, it requires the ropes to be lightweight, high strength, UV stabilized and chemical resistant. Standard operations of inspection, maintenance and replacement of marine ropes are quite necessary.

Standout features of ESUS ropes for marine and offshore

• Light weight with high strength;
• Available made with rope of Dyneema® manufacturers for higher demands;
• Extreme load tested for far beyond safe standard;
• Human friendly design with hand operations;
• On-board application considered: high resistance to mildew, moisture and chemical;
• Long service lifetime;
• Customization of length, color supported.

Of hundreds of rope manufacturers in the world, ESUS is focused on providing ropes of the marine and offshore application with top quality and competitive pricing. The ropes can be used for all types of vessels including yacht, tug boat and cargo ship, etc.
• Diameter: 4 ~ 160 mm;
• Layer: single or double braid;
• Material: polyester, PP (polypropylene), polypropylene & polyester mixed, UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene), nylon;