Super cell fender
Super cell fender is improved over the ordinary type. It is the most commonly used fender in the world. The circular mounting base of the super cell fender makes it an extremely stable fender type.
Super Cell Fender has high absorption energy per unit weight. Also among all types of compressed fenders, it has the lowest compression performance change.

More reasonable structure
High E/R.H value
Very suitable for the large wharf




Cylindrical rubber fender
The Cylindrical Fender was the first rubber fender type to be produced with a defined performance. Installation is simple by using chains, bars, ropes or specially designed ladder brackets, depending on the fender size and substructure. The Cylindrical Fenders' proportional increase of reaction force and energy absorption all the way to the rated deflection is an advantage resulting in softer berthing.
Cylindrical fender is commonly used to ensure a safe and linear berthing for different kinds of vessels. Cylindrical rubber fender is an economical solution to protect most berthing structures. The simple structure makes it easy for installation and maintenance.
Cylindrical fenders can be fixed to many types of structure and installed in several different ways – horizontally, vertically or diagonally and can also be adapted to suit wharf corners. The fenders are suspended either by chains, support bars or brackets depending on their size and intended application.
Low reaction forces, little surface pressure
Applicable for ships with different sizes, easy for installation

Pneumatic rubber fender
Pneumatic rubber fender is one kind of ship berthing, cushioning and protection equipment, which uses compressed air as the buffer medium to prevent collision when the ship is berthing. These pneumatic rubber fenders play a vital role in the safe operation of ship berthing and mooring, and are widely used in the fields of ship, marine facility, marine platform, port and dock, yacht and so on. The pneumatic rubber fender is more economical and durable than the ordinary rubber fender, so it is more popular and widely used.